Welcome to the HCGA!

Since 2007, the HCGA has represented the 20,000 people of Hungarian descent who live in the great state of Georgia. Our mission is simply to celebrate and share Hungarian culture, history and this beautiful, crazy, complicated language in our community. We love to hear stories about how people combine Hungarian and American traditions to pass it on to the next generation! The HCGA is proud to support all of our local Hungarian American organizations and events.  Although Georgia is not a traditional hotbed of Hungarian activity, we do have a rich Hungarian American history - check out the "About" page for a little taste of that! This is the club for you if...

  • you like to use paprika in your cooking
  • you are a speaker of Hung-lish...or Hungarian...or English...or any combination thereof
  • you have a vague recollection that your Grandmother was Hungarian
  • you like to watch Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order SVU
  • you are fascinated by the story of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
  • you are concerned about human rights of Hungarians in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine

Please join our mailing list and check back for news of upcoming local events and cool resources to use. Thanks for your interest! Hajra Magyarok!

updated: 5 years ago