Hungarian Church Honors Lauer Learning & Hungarian Club of GA Founder for Her Work on the ‘56 Revolution

Hungarian Church Honors Lauer Learning amp Hungarian Club of GA Founder for Her Work on the lsquo56 Revolution

HCCG leaders present Lauer Rice with 1956 Award

Andrea Lauer Rice receives Award at Annual Commemoration of 1956 Revolution

Roswell, GA – October 21, 2012 – Members of the Hungarian American Community Church of Georgia (HCCG) turned out to celebrate the 56th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and honor Andrea Lauer Rice for her work to pass on the spirit of 1956 and ensure that this significant historical event is never forgotten.  Lauer Rice emceed the evening program, reflecting on her familial stories of the Hungarian Revolution and applauding the Georgian freedom fighters attending the event.

“I am always proud to be asked to speak at this event on the Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution,” said Lauer Rice, the founder of Lauer Learning and the Hungarian Club of Georgia. “My mother’s stories about growing up in communist Hungary and being a part of the revolution was a great influence on me, and, like so many of you, I am trying to pass on these stories to my own children, to the next generation, so that the spirit of 1956 is never forgotten.”

Over 60 attendees attended the commemorative event and enjoyed a potluck dinner celebration that included music, personal stories and testimonials from two local Hungarian Americans. The event was held at the Roswell Presbyterian Church, and sponsored by the HCCG and Lauer Learning.

Lauer Rice acknowledged the 12 local Freedom Fighters attending the event and invited two individuals to share their personal stories. Istvan Nogradi became an active freedom fighter as a high school senior, working with other brave Hungarians to disrupt the Russian supply line to the city centrum. Jozsef Borocz became a freedom fighter in 1956 at the age of 27. He left his homeland in 1968 and arrived to the U.S. with his 14 year-old son and $92 in his pocket.

Following the presentations Lauer Rice reminded attendees to contribute their own stories to the FreedomFighter56 website. “We are always collecting stories of 56ers, as well as stories of family members of 56ers affected or influenced by the events of the revolution,” she said.

The group surprised Lauer Rice, presenting her with an award for her tireless work with the local Hungarian Community to keep the Spirit of ’56 alive in the educational and political consciousness.

In accepting the award from John Parkerson, the Greater Atlanta Area Honorary Consul of Hungary and Tulipan Sarolta, of the HCCG, Lauer Rice thanked members for “the unexpected honor.”

“I accept it as a sign that I am on the right track in finding ways to pass on the spirit of 1956 and ensure that this significant historical event is never forgotten,” she said, adding that she accepted the award in the names of members of her family who fought in the Hungarian Revolution.  “I also accept this on behalf of our local 56ers, who continue to inspire us all, as well as every person behind every story of heroism and bravery that we are passing on from those infamous days in 1956,” she said.

Max Teleki, president of the Hungarian American Coalition (HAC), commended the Hungarian American Community for acknowledging Andrea’s years of service.  “In the spirit of the "Freedom Fighter" she is an advocate for future generations, and has devoted much of her professional work at HAC towards ‘Passing It On’ to future generations,” Teleki said. “This inspiring and unwavering commitment to freedom, democracy, and our common works makes her a ‘dream colleague’.  Her get it done attitude is an example to all of us.”

In closing Lauer Rice unveiled plans for an exciting future initiative – a book that weaves together the stories of 12 Georgian ‘56ers written by Dr. Zsuzsanna Bogre, a Sociologist at Peter Pazmany University in Budapest and cosponsored by Lauer Learning and HCCG.

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